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10 Unique PhD Research Paper Topics About Unemployment

Unemployment is a problem facing youths in most parts of the world today. However, how governments in those places tackle the menace can either have a positive impact or a negative on those who seen to be absorbed into gainful employment. However, does it mean that everyone who doesn’t have a job must rely on the government for help or there is a way one can go about this? Most of the times, graduates are asked to be job creators instead of getting into the market as those seeking for jobs. This will certainly lessen the problem many folds. What about of you are asked to write a term paper on the issue of unemployment? How are you can you do it? What if you are not good at literary composition but are aiming at scoring good grades just like everyone else? Depending on the level of academia in which you are, writing research and thesis papers can either be easy or challenging.

At PhD level, students are expected to be scholarly when doing a research paper PhD because at the end of the day, it plays out wholly in determining whether you are to be admitted into more scholarly academic works or not. PhD papers deserve all the seriousness in the world because at the very least, whatever you are conducting a study on will be practically applied in solving problems people face in the society or in governments across the world. This is why having relevant and meaningful PhD research paper topics are always important. But here comes another challenge. Do you have what it takes in terms of skills to create topics that merit highly or you need help in doing so? To make this easier for you, I list below topics on unemployment you need to look into. Don’t forget just how important a PhD research paper format is when it comes to writing so always make sure you have the best.

  • Well, a good topic for a PhD paper in as far unemployment is concerned would be something like; A review of the main causes of unemployment among those aged between 25-30 in third world countries
  • What should be the most effective way to deal with employment
  • Unemployment and social crimes. A comparative analysis
  • A study into how government policies help fuel unemployment. A case study of Brazil
  • How can youths leverage themselves from an ever increasing unemployment rate
  • Unemployment and illegal immigration. What is the connect and how it be solved?