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Writing A Research Paper Conclusion On Lowering The Legal Drinking Age

Alcohol and the permissible age for drinking have always been a controversial topic which requires huge introspection. A number of universities and other higher educational institutes are making their students write a number of papers on alcohol and substance abuse for further research and make people aware of the issue. Two popular topics would be to write a research paper on drinking age or a research paper on lowering the drinking age.

If you don’t have a flair for writing, then it will be hard for you to come up with such a type of paper. A research paper requires a number of factors to be accomplished fully. Apart from maintaining academic technicalities like citations, you have to keep in mind the relevance of your research. A thesis paper includes introduction, body and the conclusion. Now, many students face problem while they come to the conclusion of their paper. They don’t get it clearly what they need to write and what not. For your convenience, we have put together some pointers to show exactly how you will conclude your research paper on lowering the legal drinking age.

  • No new points to be included
  • You should always remember that since you are wrapping out the entire writing, you cannot introduce any new points here. That will make your paper look unprofessional.

  • Don’t make it huge
  • Don’t drag the conclusion pages after pages. Keep it short, maximum one or two paragraphs. Remember, that your audience is already full of information, so by the time they reach the concluding section, they will want time to rethink of what they just read. So it is better to keep the conclusion short so that the readers don’t lose patience.

  • Give them the scope to think
  • Don’t make your conclusion sound absolute, since you are dealing with only one variable. Give your audience enough room to think of an alternative answer.

This is how you should conclude your paper.