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Helpful Tips For Creating A Research Paper About Human Trafficking In India

For a research paper, human trafficking is an excellent issue to discuss. Human trafficking is the most prevalent form of modern slavery there is. It is a global issue, filled with complications for those who engage in it, as well as for those who try to stop it. More importantly, it is as horrific as it is diverse in the quantity of human suffering endured. This topic is rife with many subtopics, many nuances, that can make for an interesting paper, as well as a rich learning experience for the researcher.

Human trafficking in India is particularly enlightening and unsettling, versus a research paper on human trafficking in the united states. Since this is the topic you have chosen or are assigned to discuss, here are some ideas or tips to help you tackle it.

Tips for Creating a Research Paper About Indian Human Trafficking

  • General
    • Consider your thesis about the requirements of the assignment. Even if the paper is ten pages long, it might still be difficult to cover everything there is to cover in a research paper on human trafficking in India. There are many different reasons why men, women, and children are trafficked. Some situations are compounded, with multiple purposes and experiences per sold person. Choose something within this topic that is slightly less broad for your thesis.
    • Research well. Writing a paper on this topic paper on human trafficking in India requires the insight of experts, who have an understanding of the religious and socio-economic motivations behind it. Make sure all sources are reliable and give your essay dimension.
  • Topic Specific
    • Again, India’s trafficking crisis has a lot to do with religious and socio-economic issues burdening the country (and bordering countries, at that). It might be good in certain parts of your essay to explain these aspects that, to the average Joe or Jane, might not already be familiar with.
    • Include information about what is being done to combat human trafficking in India. What initiatives, federal or local, have been taken to reduce this? Also, what could be done that hasn’t been done yet? Are there clear arguments as to why? Include them when you write my research paper.
    • Remember, sexual exploitation is not the only reason for human trafficking. It is certainly the main culprit, but there are men, women, and children sold into domestic servitude and unskilled labor across the country. They are even sold out to surrounding countries or taken in from surrounding countries.
    • Consider discussing the ways in which people become trapped in servitude outside of physical intimidation. What are some ways in which trafficked people heading towards unskilled labor jobs or indentured servitude are tricked into thinking they will make it out?
    • Make sure the tone of your essay is consistent, objective without being cold. After all, the facts are more than enough to elicit empathy from the audience, particularly if this essay has any call to action in it.

While most papers have similar steps that need to be taken for the best possible outcome, take all of these tips to heart as you try to tackle such a harrowing subject.